"Effectively transforming minds and hearts for peace"
Addressing the Missing Dimension of Peacebuilding
There is hesitation or a lack of knowledge on how to deal with and effectively transform the “minds and hearts” of people on a scale that is required to overcome and prevent violence in today’s world. As a globally operating NGO rooted in ancient wisdom, we are able to make a difference in the intangible aspects of peacebuildingfrom the local to the global levelas few other organisations do.
Embracing the Depth and Width of Peacebuilding
Peacebuilding initiatives are situated in a bigger picture which includes a global perspective as well as the depth of individual human experience. Against a global horizon, IAHV works on the most fundamental and deep layers of peacebuilding, upholding simultaneously the complexity of global realities and the simplicity of universally shared human values.
Acting on the Need of the Hour
Billions have been invested in political, economic, security and other systems to create more stability and development, but they tend not to reach individual human beings and their inner lives as a crucial locus of decisionmaking and behavior. In view of the anger, frustration, depression, pain, greed and alienation prevalent in the world today, it is the need of the hour to complement existing efforts with an equally massive investment in the inner lives of human beings.
Combining the best of two paradigms
Sustainable peace requires a combined focus on systems and structures and on personal and social transformation in an integrated approach.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaking at UN, 2000
“The values you champion, including non-violence, compassion and the sanctity of all life, go to the heart of what the United Nations stands for.” (Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General)
Introduction to IAHV Peacebuilding UNit by Katrien Hertog, Director
Rooted in ancient knowledge Fundamental change Reaching large groups Inclusive of all Human approach Ownership and empowerment Globally active
  Latest News
The IAHV Peacebuilding UNit has been establi- shed in June 2013, with the aim to identify, articu- late and develop IAHV�s unique expertise and approach to peacebuilding in order to strengthen existing peacebuilding efforts worldwide.
reached 200+ million people worldwide
  Call for partners
We welcome like-minded organisations to part-ner with us in an integrated approach so that our complementary efforts can work in a synerg- etic way to maximize our impact for a long lasting and self-sustaining peace.
“I wholeheartedly endorse the IAHV peacebuilding project that you are launching.  I firmly believe that IAHV has the promise of bringing something unique and impactful to traditional peacebuilding efforts.”
Sanjay Pradhan
(Vice-President World Bank Institute)
“No peace can be realized in society, local or international, if there is no peace in the hearts and minds of people. This is a truism whose methodology has eluded us for so long; and now [IAHV / Sri Sri Ravi Shankar] is showing us the means, the nuts and bolts, to realize peace in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.”
(Former President of Nokia)
“Peace starts within”
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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